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[quote=“Piles Hussain, post: 815687, member: 363”]The new season starts soon mate. Now that the european hurling season is over, I can fully focus on the arrows and after two successive promotions, we are looking forward to mixing it with the big boys of the Luxembourg darts league.
It’ll have to be an 80+ average in the top tier. Anything else just won’t cut it.
A challenging season ahead, relegation is a possibility, but I think we’re good enough to survive at the top level, and we’ll ruffle a few feathers along the way.[/quote]
Good stuff. Keep me posted on yer progress. :clap:

Will do bud. The only development in the off season is that we have changed our home venue.
Last season we were in a place called Decibel on rue de Hollerich, the main whore street of Luxembourg. Run by a nordy fella named Gar. Sound man, always looks after the gaa club too, but last wednesday, we had our pre season get together in a place called UpDown, run by an english chap who has played a few of the pro opens around europe. He made promises of finger food, new t-shirts and a free pint for anyone who hits a maximum or a finish over the ton.
It was put to a vote and despite me wanting to stay in the old place, democracy carried the day and so we have moved.

The hookers will be missed but the new gaff is in a decent session area which is always busy midweek and so the craic and boobani will be more plentiful.

Incredible scenes & not a Dart thrown in anger yet. :clap:

FAO of @Piles_Hussain: I just made up a joke.

Whereabouts is France in relation to Luxembourg?

Past the Duchy to the left hand side.

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I’ll allow it :+1:

Fucker that beat me in the darts tonight done 1 of the legs in 12. Pleasure to watch tbf.
One of the best players in the country schlepping around the Wednesday league :clap:


How is Gar getting on since ye abandoned him?

Decibel is gone a few years now. Gar had a couple of nippers and got out of the game. Haven’t seen him in a while but he’s keeping well anyway.

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