FAO Purple

Is your full moniker Purple Bellend?

Fuck away off you sycophantic,brown nosing cunt.


That sums this shithole up nicely.

Thank you.
My work here is done.

You wear the title of AFR’s No.1 suckhole like a Medal of Honour.

Keep up the sterling work.

I see the lads on AFR have copped on to your habit of arse licking.

Then again,i would have thought it was physically impossible to kiss your own hole Liam.

Unless you’ve had a few ribs removed of course.

In the immortal words of Bewitched “Get a life”

Please keep Purple amused on here for as long as you can as it keeps him off AFR for a bit longer that brown nosed cnut!!!

Nah,you keep the fucker over there.

I wont you anus boil, you keep him, and you cant talk u ass licking dick monger

Suck my balls arsey pants. Purple is not AFR. Purple is Purple. He’s nobodies bitch, he’s proactive and radical and he will stick it to the man.

They use wee rubber bands these days to treat piles.

Purple has been banned from AFR for not being afraid to take the fight to the man. I’m a loose cannon apparently. But this isn’t over man, oh no, I’m going to bring it on. Bring it on like Donkey Kong

Prick !!!

Pukes’ ma’s a whore