FAO rock

im going to bomb your wedding. yahoo!


do your own thing shermin.

start off by setting up a witty thread like me


You actually are a retard.


You actually are a retard.[/quote]



You actually are a retard.[/quote]

And you’re a retarded bogger. Hate that.


[quote=“Flano”]And you’re a retarded bogger. Hate that.


See my response to Shermin, speccy.

Harold Bishop called - he wants his glasses back tosser.


See Bandage thats why you’re a loser. You come on and make things personal. I wouldn’t have said anything if you hadn’t have. Slagging people off. Desperate.

Ah jaysus Bandage, leave Flano alone. It’s not as if we slag you over your rounded appearence!

Let’s not start crying. You’ve had a cut at me in the past and I’ve had a cut back here. I think you’re a dickhead and you think likewise about me. It’s no big deal.

That was harsh on Flano there.

Ah sure, while I’m at it I may as well…I think you’re an utter simpleton.

Get off the fence Bandage - tell us what you really think

How’s your period Bandage?

I’ve one thing to say Mac:


What do yo think of me fat boy?

I think you are a lard ass fook. Cant stand the sight of you.

You and rock too. Rock is some prick - he has a mongo square head.

What do you have to say to that old boy?

To think I put 500 vcash on Celtic tomorrow night. :confused:

Story Bandage?

alright bandage son?

You fat waste of sperm