FAO the Burner

Are ya hot burner ?

Are you a fellow Patrickswell man Burner?

One bullet

Carryharry or Watchyourtoes?

[quote=ā€œThe Wild Colonial Bhoy, post: 806172, member: 80ā€]One bullet

Carryharry or Watchyourtoes?[/quote]
Shoot WYT and pistol whip Carryharry to deathā€¦

FAO of The Burner, do you actually go to Limerick games or do you passionately follow the team on the internet like the posters here?

Oh I go alright bandage dont you worry about that, I was in PUC in 2010 when very few other Limerick people were. I remember Dave Breen playing full back and doing a great job on Aisake, Sean Herlihy got sent off for hitting some lad a slap. Was in Tullamore as well for the qualifier match in 2010. There wasnt too many of our ā€œpassionate supportersā€ there for either of those matches let me assure you. Big fan of the footballers aswell. The level of support they get from the Limerick GAA people is embarrassing. The hypocracy of Some Limerick supoporters is staggering. I can give you a list of games I was at this year if you want bandage. 11 so far this year which I think is reasonable.


No but hurled against them a good few times in my younger days!

Iā€™ll need to see that list alright, pal.

FAO of Burner

One word to describe the former administrator of the Clare County Board

[quote=ā€œThe Wild Colonial Bhoy, post: 806253, member: 80ā€]FAO of Burner

One word to describe the former administrator of the Clare County Board[/quote]
Munster. Donā€™t be mixing up your Fat Pitzs mate.


The burner seems like a reasonable sortā€¦what he is doing here I couldnā€™t tell you.

Glad are you going to lend your support to the Clare cause this weekend man?

Consider him completely introducedā€¦

Are you Henry Martin?

Iā€™m getting to like the burner.

He seemed like an alright sort despite bring from limerick. Heā€™s a more measured version of the runt!

Come back to us Burner, it was only a bit of banter. I wonā€™t tell the board that you admitted via pm that you sought legal advice earlierā€¦ If you canā€™t take a joke however, this may not be the best place for you.

What did that legal advice say?

would you be into the young fellas burner?