Fao the dunph


The Dunph does dererve a big :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: today…

I am considering hiring the man as my accountant.

:pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:


I was beginning to doubt the benefit of subscribing to the SMS service then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
Winner Alright. Pay all races. 16/1.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

It was nothing really…

I think i’ll just give him a €100 note and collect the truckload in 6 months time. Beat the Bookies is for the amateurs, the SMS service is the bee’s knees.

Hail The Dunph, the most electrifying man in Betting entertainment!! :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint:

What modesty :clap:

Oi Oi.


Long may the good work continue…

What’s this with the who now?

U-N-F-O-O-K-I-N-G-R-E-A-L!!! :pint: :pint:


I watched the race again there, what a ride Colm O’Donoghue gave that horse. He was well back turning in and didn’t panic but you could sense that when he heard The Dunphs voice in his ear he booted him on to skate home.

This deserves one more… :clap:

A disconcerting story regarding the Dunph I was forwarded recently. I am stunned by these revelations. I knew there had to have been skeletons in the closet. It’s just sad I’ve found out this way. I think this is the end of The Duph as a respected tipster.

I lied about sex contact, says tipster

From the Limerick Leader, first published Friday 30th Mar 2001.

A millionaire tipster lied about his sexual activity with an au pair because he feared it might wreck his relationship with his partner, a court heard.

When interviewed by Gardai about the 27-year-old Brazilian woman’s claim that he had indecently assaulted her, Kevin Delaney denied any sexual contact.

That was because his 17-year marriage had ended in divorce after “one foolish indiscretion” on his part, he told the jury at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court.

“I didn’t want the same thing to happen,” he added. “The rest of the interview was truthful, but not in relation to the sexual matters.”

Delaney said his partner, 19-year-old Tammy, had helped him rebuild his life after his wife left him in 1998.

When he first met her he was looking after the three children from his marriage. His previous au pair left after his partner arrived and they managed to cope even after Tammy gave birth to their first child.

They tried an Irish housekeeper, but that did not work out so they posted an advert on the Internet for an au pair.

Earlier, in answer to defence counsel Timothy White, Delaney described the “strange methods” used by his horseracing consultancy firm, Isiris. They included observing the position of the planets.

Asked why he kept a riding crop in his office, Delaney said he was originally given it by someone “in jest.” One day, they used it “in simulation” during a particularly exciting race, and the horse won. The crop was then regarded as something that brought good luck.

Delaney, 41, of Collins Lane, Tournafulla, Co Limerick, has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault.

The court has heard how the former maths teacher allegedly offered the au pair money to have sex with him but later claimed her complaint against him was a fantasy.

He denied having any sexual contact with her, but DNA tests later linked him to semen found on her T-shirt.

Delaney dismissed suggestions that he had made the au pair watch a video of himself beating a naked woman on the buttocks with a horse whip and said no such video ever existed.

He described the woman as being “flirtatious” towards him the day before the alleged indecent assault and said she had been quite tactile as they played games with his child.

The next day she went with him to the Isiris offices again at Bulgaden near Kilmallock and Delaney told the jury that she was rubbing her arm against his leg in the car.

Because his secretary had to go home they were alone in the offices that day and Delaney said he put some music on during the time between finishing his work and the horse racing starting.

He explained how he always used a reclining mattress during the horse racing so he could watch two TV screens at the same time and see the betting information as well as the actual race.

Delaney said he invited the woman to sit with him and they started using a Portugese-English dictionary to try to communicate with each other.

“As it developed, as we became more friendly I thought I would just throw in this leaflet about massage which was on the top of my desk and try to translate that and see what her reaction was.”

He said sexual activity was not in his mind at that time, but he added: “As she was getting more and more friendly I admit that I thought there was an opportunity, if you like, to try something.”

He described how they attempted to give each other massages, having stripped down to their underwear.

“After I had done her for a few minutes I asked her to try me again and as we became more intimate I became aroused and tried it on by asking her if she would have oral sex.”

Delaney said the woman refused and when he said that was okay she seemed relieved that he wasn’t going to force himself on her. He said they cuddled afterwards and it was then that some of his semen went on her clothing.

Delaney described himself as being shocked when Gardai burst into his home on Grand National day last year and told him about the au pair’s allegation.

The trial continues.


Just because you weren’t part of yesterdays outstanding successes for the SMS Clique you decide to try and sully The Dunphs good name.

I, for one, believe him when he says the au pair was “asking for it”.

I’m a truth seeker, Runt, that is all. This will rock the forum to its foundations. Who would have believed The Dunph used the alignment of the planets to come up with his tips.

SS** really has turned into a turncoat of the highest order in recent times…Eaten bread is soon forgotten

Well if it isn’t The Puke. Still no explanation for your recent unprovoked attack on me I see. I see you’re at it again now. This is all being noted.

The Dunph almost struck gold again there. Great each way money.