FAO Troll

This spastic is a 16 year old from Dublin and he posts under the alias of “Timeout” over on Letsbet. He’s on a mission to “annoy” us.


Well i have a message of my own for him - fuck off and troll somewhere else. I believe AFR is nice this weather…

What the fuck is letsbet?

Link doesn’t seem to be working Dunph.


He would want to up his game if he is to annoy people round here.

The quality of annoying cunts on TFK is second to none,eh KIB??

Didnt some other retard poster once start a thread on here about a poster on another forum?


:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

This poster is on here.

The post was on there. How many posts has this poster here? I dont recall ever seeing him/her.

Spastic is a nice name to use btw. Congrats.

EDIT - BTW, I’ve done a search for the username TROLL and TIMEOUT, I can’t find either?