FAO Turenne

What cowardly stuff???

Its well known the Clare lads lower the head and the blade when ye go a few points down against a proper hurling county. This will only get worse with Davy Fitz in charge, ye’ll be seeing anti-Clare conspiracies everywhere.

First off I’m from Limerick pal, I just have great admiration for our near neighbours. And it’s far from a well known fact, pal and in fact I find your whole take on so called lesser counties arrogant and conceited to say the least … But what would I know, not being from a proper hurling county and all that

I hope it stays fine for ye below in cark.No one can accuse ye of getting carried away anyway.


CM, a tramp of the highest order, form well clocked around here. A thoroughly despicable prick, even the cork contributors disown him , don’t waste your time

This is the manwho revelled in Gavin o’mahony getting A fractured skull