Fao West Limerick fourmites

Where is nice for a spot of lunch in Newcastlewest?

What’s worth seeing out there?

Have never been and am gonna take spin out today to engage with Its historic sites.

Desmond Hall is the number one heritage site in NCW, Choco. A well preserved Anglo Norman fortification.

Go to askeaton the abbey there is ten times nicer

You could visit the nomadic traveller encampment of Assumpta Park

How did you get on in NCW?

The women folk found some clothes shops so I ventured into a pub to watch some of the Liverpool and Wigan match- the central I think? A dark hole full of boys half cut by 4pm and watching 3 different sports and betting on each.

I bought some spuds in the central square from a farmer and he threw in some veg for free… as this was going on the rest of the town were stopped looking at the guards who had 3 guys hauled out of a car and questioning them…

I enjoyed a Wrap and coffee in marguerites

A memorable day.

Sounds like a magical experience.