Fianna Fail


Collins rocked up because of his name, the spineless cunt.


A charlatan


Do you need a hug pal? I thought you’d be in better form after the win yesterday. The spritzers must have given you a headache or something.


The what?





Reported yesterday on red FM that actually rumours have it that he might be looking to run again next time,who knows?


He’s definitely not running.


Glad to hear it,waste of money, representation,and obviously not able to much for us in Brussels


:see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


I love the fact that the dumb shit didn’t get this :smile:




Hasn’t run in a long time? Cruel man


Took you long enough to get it


TBH just looked at it again and it’s good as in witty,but a bit,hard,I must toughen up to survive here,yere desperate men altogether