FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


That was a hedge school, I presume?


I knew what I wanted to do at 15 mate, with absolute clarity, from the moment I wrote my first C++ programme on Windows 95.




You must be a very boring man. Life is all about the stories


I happen to find stories about working down a mine and then going on the piss for a few months incredibly dull myself.


I pity you


That’s a very sad story. Sorry to hear that bro.


That’s a diamond of a mining pun right there.


He rightly shafted him .


He did. It must have hurt deep down.


To be honest he’s only scratching at the surface


Things may not be well in the Spanish camp…


Press Conference confirmed. Spain may be about to have a Saipan.


Appear to be sacking the coach who yesterday announced he was joining Real Madrid after the tournament even though he signed a long term deal with Spanish FA recently.


Not very Royalist of Madrid one might say.



Graham Hunter of Off the Ball AM. Classic Hunter here

"We are not dealing with a stupid guy…Dominos can fall either way."

"Spain like to hold on to the ball, metaphorically that’s what they are doing."

CC @rocko


That Hunter is 2 ends of a bollix. Some mutual cock sucking between himself and Gilroy just there. #geebags


Did Spain sack the manager