FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


I remember him fouling Quinn in the wc great player but did his best to lose a game for Spain.


Hon the Spanish :clap: Was a dick move announcing he was leaving just before the start. That’s some two feet over the top back though :sweat_smile:


All this chaos won’t do poor auld Diego Costa any good, I’d say he’s wondering around the place in Russia looking for someone to level

An absolute banker to be sent off if he starts against Portugal


that game could set new levels for cheating and play acting i’d imagine


We all hope it does.

It certainly has the cast assembled to do so, at any rate.


I hope Ramos goes full Rambo on Ronaldo


Pepe v Diego Costa will be a match up for the ages.


Fernando Hierro is the boss.


A hero in Eire


Never let us down.


Did Real Madrid tapas him up?


Lopetegui is apparently going to be unveiled to the press as Real Madrid manager tomorrow. :laughing:

Should go down well in Spain. :laughing:

He’ll be out the door by Christmas. He’ll be the new Andre Villas Boas.



Are RTE not streaming matches on the RTE player?


What makes you say that?


Justvrealised it is company WiFi so IP address isn’t Irish so they don’t show.

Any other handy ways to stream the matches?


If UK, will BBC or ITV not be showing?


Dont scare me like that.



What time is throw in?