FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


You need to stop replying to your own posts.


You need to explain your lies


You need to stop projecting, mate.

It’s very unbecoming of you.


You’ve been caught out in another lie


Sure, mate. :grin:

I think you missed your 9pm pills?


Explain how “tyronian towers” flew over my head.


Maybe they didn’t so much fly over your little head as flew into them and exploded it?

Some surgical strike given how small the target was, to be fair!


You can’t. You’re a liar.


And you’re a simpleton.


Terrible behaviour but I’d expect nothing less. Coward


Go to bed, m8.


Snivelling little coward.


At least you didn’t reply to yourself this time, which I suppose is something to be thankful for.


If you can’t explain yourself then so be it.


I don’t explain things for slow learners.


Aye, dead on.


Shit argument. No swearing. No threats. Someone stick a head in someone or fuck off the two of ye


Och aye.


How’s about it sid. Explain how “tyronian towers” flew over my head or fuck off the forum.


I don’t think it’s myself that has to worry about “fucking off the forum”, pal.

You’ve humiliated yourself here.

It’s the kind of e-meltdown where you’ll wake up in the morning and think to yourself “Oh no, I didn’t really make an utter tit of myself last night, it was just a bad dream, right? Oh fuck.”

Well, certainly you will if you take these things as seriously as you so clearly do. :grin: