FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


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I took a bet off two of the younger football congescenti in the pub this eve.

They have Belgium & Germany
I have France, Brazil & Spain.

I have no idea of the groups or paths etc but I presume that’s a daycent bet?


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Part of their culture innit?


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That’s a great match bet I hope you got at least a 50 each from them.


I’ve backed France and grezimann for top scorer. Good odds too…


That was exactly the bet. Had completely forgotten about it til the notification came up :pint:


Better price than that?


Same bet


I just saw the England team photo there… I honestly couldnt name half of them. I barely cared about the champions league final a few weeks ago and the thoughts of the up coming world cup feels like hard work getting through all the opening shite.

Games dead.

It’s all about the Munster Hurling Championship.


4 years ago the opening round was hugely entertaining. Teams became more cautious once the knock-outs started.


The World Cup is the pinnacle of football. I am deeply pained that Italy are not involved for the first time in my life.


Southgate hasn’t impressed me one bit. Not bringing Chris Smalling is bizzare. Phil Jones, WTF. Not playing Cahill is stupid, the reason being that he wants only ball-playing centre-halfs so Walker in for Cahill/Smalling. , Southgate says the rest of the world are all for ball-playing defenders, so he wants to “introduce a culture”. What a load of bollocks, complete spoof. It’s like something Southgate has read in 442 magazine.

Stones can implode at any time. This shite about Guardiola told Stones to call him any time - was that so he can talk to a proper football manager? Guardiola doesn’t even really trust Stones FFS and this is England’s main man supposedly. Maguire is good but the knockout stages of the World Cup will be too much too soon for him.

Trippier and Rose will both be shit and they’re soft in the middle. Southgate’s Middlesbrough team played lovely football but went down because they lacked the bite and this England team will be the exact same. Henderson is the only tackler in the middle, the closest to a midfield enforcer, unless they play Eric Dier who is not up to this level. They’ll be ripped apart down the middle by the big sides. Deli Ali is an overrated bit-part player who doesn’t string many passes together, the new Stephen Gerrard basically.

Sterling is class, a real dark-horse and Sterling-Kane is potentially their best partnership since Linekar-Beardsley. That’s their best hope but Kane can’t really be trusted at international level, as seen in the Euros.

Lingard is an interesting prospect but probably has to play up front to fit in the tactics. He should be on the bench. They have strong depth in mediocrity, which is helpful for them. They have a lot of technically very good footballers and will be able to get most of the possession against Tunisia and Panama but not against the good teams. Mousa Dembele in particular will fucking own them. Dembele will look Roy Keane like, in comparison to them, they won’t get close to him.

Pickford is good but no De Gea / Neuer etc. He’s probably their strongest leader, which says it all.

This is the second time in a row that England have basically sacrificed a tournament to develop players/ a squad/ a culture/ whatever. Has any other top level international team ever sacrificed a major tournament to develop players, ever?

Southgate’s getting his excuses in before the tournament even starts. He’s also giving the media and the FA what they want so he can’t be blamed for when it all blows up. A team like Uruguay would kick the 7 shades of shite out of those lads. Exact same as the last world cup.

Their qualifying group was a complete joke, a lesser man would call it a fix. Slovakia were shit and Scotland were shit. And they got very lucky against Scotland. In friendlies they beat the worst Dutch team in living memory 1-0 and drew with the worst Italian team in living memory. The most impressive thing they’ve done in the past few years was beat Costa Rica in a friendly, which will have the Costa Ricans very worried. I note Belgium beat that same Costa Rican team 4-1 (Brazil v Costa Rica will be a blood-bath) They’ve basically done nothing since Euro 16.

They’ve probably the easiest draw in the tournament. They’re also helped massively by what I perceive to be a big lack of expectation, but the Brits are very very stupid when it comes to their national team so maybe I’m misjudging that. Southgate has handled the press brilliantly, which is important.

As it is I’d say they’re about 15/1 to 20/1 to fluke their way into the semis. That would see Southgate hailed as a messiah and would be the worst thing that could ever happen to them, although it would also make 2022 very funny.


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Well like if you don’t want to talk about the World Cup maybe don’t post on the World Cup thread.

I thought I was on a sports fan internet board, where people made posts about sports, very sorry.

Why are you here? Post about how you don’t give a fuck about the World Cup then read every post?


This is a Hurling, American football and Irish republican forum.

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