FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread



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There’s a thread for that. Disgusting bringing it onto another thread…


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Why is @Robert_Emmet here? We’ll give you a pass this one time mate, but don’t ever question him again.


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The russian authorities have been culling stray dogs for the last few weeks in host cities. They’ve also been culling homosexuals and people of colour but that’s been going on for a while now and not related to the world cup.


@Robert_Emmet nothing stopping you loving both. The hurling and the World Cup.

I don’t watch much live football these days also and with a young baby in the house, I’ll probably see fuck all games at this tournament but the World Cup is still the best and most important global sporting competition for me. Obviously the Champions League is a better standard but there is a alot of dross in that competition until the knock-out stages.

The likes of Peru v’s Denmark on a random midweek afternoon might sound trivial but it is great to watch it in a way knowing that for most playing in it, that is is one of the biggest games they will ever play in their lifetimes. Similar in terms of importance for the fans who have travelled and are supporting those countries there. All about national pride (you really see it with the South American countries).

Have a read of this. Is there any other sport or sporting event that can capture a nation’s imagination like this?


Ah… i’m sure i’ll get into it once it gets going… just very hard to get motivated to watch a load of fannies rolling around the ground just now.

It just so happens that i’m working from home for the first week of it so it will be on anyway.

Myself, Brady and Sadie must sit down and mark out a few games that we all want to watch.


Hear hear.

I’m meeting my chums at 12.24pm in Friday and don’t plan on returning to the office.

I’m going to have several soft beverages during Egypt-Uruguay and Morocco-Iran so I very much hope that too many fizzy drinks don’t preclude me from remembering Portugal-Spain afterwards.


Doing your Leaving Cert during a World Cup is a tremendous rite of passage which only a quarter of our population get to experience.

I’m one of the lucky quarter.




nigeria would want to fuck off back to the early 90s with that shirt.
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The hipsters are gonna love it.