FIFA 2018 World Cup Thread


The Russians are a bad outfit. Quit defending them.


Sold out in ingerland apparently


i had the junior cert for the '98 world cup and the leaving for the 2000 euros.


They haven’t been calling stray dogs, well not according to the Frankie Boyle documentary on Sunday


Being cheated of Transition Year is tantamount to child abuse.

My favourite memory of the Leaving Cert is finishing Irish Paper 2 with about 35 minutes left and nipping off to the pub in my school uniform to watch the last half an hour of Paraguay v Bulgaria. There were already two of my classmates inside with pints on the table, but no more would arrive. We each drank two leisurely pints before returning to do the Irish aural exam.

Christ, that’s 20 years ago to the very day, now that I think of it.


my bollocks it is. It is for time wasters and layabouts. leaving done at 17. degree got at 21. gap year (go away to fuck). Career started at 21.


A large part of my reason for doing Transition Year was so I wouldn’t be doing the Leaving Cert during the 2010 World Cup. A great decision.


You’ve described perfectly why it’s tantamount to child abuse to be cheated of it.


would you go away you hippie. People are only nearly starting college at 20/21 now and between gap years and fucking about aren’t into their careers until they’re 25/26. In that space a fella has a 4 year head start on them, and all they’ve got is stories about Australia that no cunt wants to listen to.


you read a lot older than you are. Unless you did the leaving as a mature student


At least they have stories, pal.


you stick to your stories. I’ll stick to real life.

what did you learn in transition year?


That’s just the avatar.


Didn’t bother with transition year myself. Was 700 Euro to do it I think…


Haven’t you heard…


no but the fucker is typing with the last 5 minutes, I believe I’m about to


You’re better off not hearing… You’ll be scarred for life


Real life is about a lot more than 15 year olds thinking about a career and getting a “head start”. I couldn’t think of anything so demoralising and depressing.

Life is about living, not existing, as somebody once said.

I’m suspicious of anybody who hasn’t done at least one Leaving Cert exam under the influence of alcohol. I did three under the influence of alcohol - one of those was an elective decision I made while bored and watching the dead rubber France v Denmark match, to sit Economics, which I hadn’t taken classes for in 5th and 6th year. I got an ordinary level A1 in it off the back of one day’s study, while drinking the equivalent of three pints of beer during the exam. I had brewed the beer myself.

True story - and I mean genuinely true, as opposed to “true”.


What sort of a “school” did you go to? :grin: