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any truth in the rumour that tamangos is been closed & they are opening up an Aldi?


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its a great avatar- why ask on this specific thread?


I think there’s truth in the second half of your statement but it’s not related to the first half. Depends on planning permission though and I can’t see them putting an Aldi on the Fingal Riviera, recession or not.


Its as good as any. :smiley: Aldi in the Fingal area. :clap:


yes- that oart of fingal should have an aviation museum not a supermarket although id like to see those pricks dunnes coming under pressure


Tamangos is a shithole - it’s better off closed down


bad experience there Mac?


Not at all. A decent night but thought the place was a shithole. There’s plenty of shitholes us boggers can go to in the city centre rather than travelling all the way out to Fingal :thumbsup:


if only all boggers shared that attitude mac

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Have you ventured to the Wright Venue yet NCC? I hear it’s supposed to be a great spot.


At what stage can I apply for Fingal citizenship NCC? I’ve been living in the southern borderlands of the county for almost three years now.


i havent been- im not out much these days & when out it would only be to smyths or in town after work

ive heard mixed reports about it - its fuckin massive but its in the middle of a retail park- it seems a bit ott


thought you were in pigsboro?


Shocking news from central Fingal. As a man on the ground in the area, NCC and with apparent apathy from the local peelers, I beseech you to do what you can for this Fingal farmer.

Farmer finds cow hacked up ‘for cuts of meat’
By Geraldine Gittens

Tuesday December 08 2009

A Dublin farmer who found one of his cows slaughtered and dismembered in a field believes the culprits killed the animal for meat cuts.

Jimmy Kelly, from Lusk, Co Dublin, fears that thieves hacked his pregnant female cow to pieces for meat, after he found only the head and torso lying in the field on November 18.

The baffled farmer came across a bloody mess when he was doing his usual check on the farm, and he discovered that his cow had been killed during the night.

“The cow was slaughtered in the field during the night, and the torso and head were left behind,” he said.

"I’ve never seen anything like it before. When you see it first, you don’t know what has happened, and then you discover that there are no legs there.


“I was shocked, and in disbelief.”

The farmer believes that the culprits who hacked his cow wanted to kill the animal for meat.

Mr Kelly said the four quarters of the cow were removed, which is where much of the best meat is on the animal.

“I presume someone killed her for meat,” he said. "I wouldn’t think it was sinister.

"They cut right up the four legs, and took the whole quarter right up into the hip.

“I’d imagine they had a fair idea of what they were doing and one person couldn’t do that on their own. The legs were removed and there was no trace left behind.”

Mr Kelly said people in the area have been alerted, and they are keeping a vigilant eye on the area at night time.

“What can I do?” he said. “I can’t protect them any more than I already do, unless I sit up with them all night, and I can’t do that. But my neighbours are farmers and they’re aware. They’re keeping an eye out.”

Mr Kelly said the other animals who were in the field at the time of the alleged theft were obviously distressed after the incident.


“They were very distressed, so they were obviously upset,” he said.

“Two neighbours and myself went in on Friday to look at the cow, and the others ran away. They couldn’t be approached.”

The farmer could not believe that his cow was dead, since she was in perfect health, and was due to have a calf in the spring.

“Animals will die from time to time, and that’s part of having livestock, but when I saw her at first, I thought there was no reason for her to die because she wasn’t ill.”

He added: “[Thefts] are happening with sheep, where farmers will come across only the skin left behind and all the rest has been removed.”

A garda spokesperson told the Herald: “Gardai in Lusk are examining the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a dead cow on a farm in Lusk.”


[quote=“north county corncrake”]i havent been- im not out much these days & when out it would only be to smyths or in town after work

ive heard mixed reports about it - its fuckin massive but its in the middle of a retail park- it seems a bit ott[/quote]

Where abouts is it? I had presumed it was the same crowd that own Wrights?


same crowd but its in airside beside Harvey Normans & all those car places - a bit of a trek from swords.


I live near Silloge golf club, NCC. I quickly drive through Phibsboro as there is alot of petty crime there which I wouldn’t be used to up in Fingal.


I hope that wasn’t a Limousin…


NCC, I’m fascinated by this aeronautical background you claim to have. Where does it come from? Are you the lovechild of a Ryanair hostess and Willy Walsh?