Fintan O'Toole v Eoghan Harris debate

Heard this on the Last Word yesterday evening but it was originally recorded from Saturday morning. Debate between Harris of the Sunday Independent and O’Toole of the Irish Times about media coverage of the election. Takes a few minutes to warm up but it gets decent.

Gonna listen to this now. Heard Harris walked out in a strop during a debate with O’Toole on RTE over the weekend.

Picked up the Sindo at home over the weekend and Harris was glorying in the election result and almost taking personal credit for it based on a debate he contributed to on the Late Late where he defended Bertie.

Meanwhile some absolute prick called John Drennan was giving a review of how the individual parties fared. He had this to say about Sinn Fin:

‘Poor Gerry discovered the hard way that it is very hard to campaign in a foreign land where you don’t know the issues. Stick to your home parliament of Westminster Gerry.’

What a complete and utter cunt of a man. The Good Friday Agreement gave the right to every citizen in the North to consider themselves as either Irish or British. Then you have a fook like him taking pleasure in having little cheap shots at a wide range of Irish people, many of whom have lived in horrific conditions for most of their lives.

Gonna listen to this now. Heard Harris walked out in a strop during a debate with O’Toole on RTE over the weekend.

It was Today FM and it’s the clip you’re about to listen to.

Yeah, finding that out now rocko. :slight_smile:

Harris really is an incredible arse. Can’t believe he’s a huge fan of Damien Dempsey though. Check this out:

Excellent post. What a muppet that Harris is. Shouted over O’Toole for the whole interview and then walks out.

Fintan O’Toole is some mong — He’s a scaremonger and a child - lashes out when his own political views are anyway challenged.


Mate, just listened to the cunt, couldn’t agree more

He’s been at that shite for years. Cannot understand why somebody might have a different perspective to him. He’s a closeted journalist so hardly the world’s greatest mind.

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I presume he’s in a post Casey meltdown?

You presume correct, this election has ruined our country

Facebook , twitter and the lot will up sticks and leave as we are on the road to fascism .

Predicting the Nazi party will be resurrected if we don’t crush the likes of Casey now… What a dip stick.

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Be hard crush Casey if you can’t get him out of the Pub.

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The man deserves a few drinks after his victory.

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Freeman is stuffing LNR in most constituencies , fucking hell.


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Little victories :smile:

There’s a whole lot of people suffering tonight from the disease of conceit
Whole lot of people struggling tonight from the disease of conceit
Comes right down the highway straight down the line
Rips into your senses through your body and your mind
Nothing about it that’s sweet
The disease of conceit

I think Fintan said all he needed to say about his attitude to rural Ireland when revealed that he had never bothered learning how to drive.

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