First Dates Ireland


Mary Poppins meets Arlene Foster


These seem like two lovely couples. Great to see how progressive Ireland is and how really well adjusted the youngsters of today are.


This is howya some relation of Imelda May’s?


Should have applied for this :rofl:


This young theatre director lady doesnt have much of a ballymun accent


Id say youd be inside in the kitchen giving em a hand with the washing up


This horrible looking salt of the earth one has a very high opinion of herself


Her tits are down around her belly button as well


These would be two great lads to go for a pint with


Is that cunt wearing fucking tights


Was yer man singing the rattling bog leaving the restaraunt!


Fucking tights lads though…


The country is fucked


:joy::joy: noticed that.


32 me hole…


The over compensation towards the quares on this is gas. Every 3rd or 4th pairing is quares. What is the ratio of them among the general population would anyone know?
You’d hardly ever see a pair of them in a real restaurant let alone every 3rd table


It’s too high whatever it is.


@Bandage’s neighbour on here


She’s going to have a issue with the way he speaks


The less gay of the two gay lads is a boring bastard