First Dates Ireland


Why would you pick going on a TV show as your first date after your previous partner dying.


I commend you chaps for still watching this. I thought it was more of a curiosity type thing you’d watch for the first couple of episodes of the initial series.


She’s doing a very bad job of explaining road frontage


This German chap is a fucking creep




He burned her good & proper.


She should have known better than to offer to split it with a German.


Ah lads. :sob::sob::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


My mate was in their boot camp. Her ex partner was married when she first met him :eyes:




Grown fucking men :grinning:
Clearly appeals to the bitchy PM seeking scandal brigade


This cunt from Tallaghtfornia.


Sharon is a lovely lass


Sharon was a big girl


A bigger cunt we’ve never seen


This lad from Tipp looks much older than 32.


Does Philly have a bit of a head cold :thinking:


Turned to Ms Locke and said “I look younger than him!!!”

She laughed


Your man is 32? Ha ha ha.


Pass for 45.