First Dates Ireland


Sharon is way too normal to be on this show. Even that sleazy host trying to worm his way in there.

This Waterford lady drew the short straw getting matched with a lad from a hippy commune.

This lady talking about sex. :astonished:


Christ but smoking is very unattractive


Shes a single mother who has lost 11 stone in weight.


Tallaght cunt has to be told fuck off

And there it is!!


Surely there’s something better you can be doing instead of watching this, mate?


This lad borrowed one of Matt Cooper’s shirts.


Shannon :flushed:


Arrah it’s bubblegum tv.

Grand Monaghan girl on now


Honest to God, this must be a pisstake


Ah Jesus the gay slot this week is a fucking horror show


Jesus :astonished:


What must?


This week ?


They have rounded up a lot of very ugly people tonight. Its the ugliest first dates iv ever seen.


Home wrecker

Suffering Jesus!!!


Theres two lesbians here lads and id challange any of ye to visualise them in the 69 position.


Pleased for the elderly couple there. Seem nice people.


The glamorous Amy Maria looks like your kind of woman here @Cicero_Dandi.

She’s half-Italian.


And half a cunt.


Id imagine she’s into personal hygiene though