First Dates Ireland


She has a kid out of wedlock — A big no no for catholics.


Jesus - is this fucking gimp for real here… or was he acting? Talifornia ffs.


This lad is the oldest looking 20 year old on the planet.

Proper howya lass from Tallaght on too.


A fine jolly couple there


A very attractive 45 year old from offaly here. I’d be very very attracted to the like of that.


This dozy nordie bastard cant belive his luck


Aren’t you also attracted to Ivana bacic?


I’m attracted to many many women.


I’m not surprised when the bar is so so low


This fella reminds me a bit of Frost Bit boy.


This Offaly one is a lady


This 45 year old lady could do better than the lad she’s stuck on the date with.


The fat one doesn’t want anything romantical


Lots of friendships being formed tonight


The Offaly one may be a small bit mental too


Token mincers on now.


The gays on first dates are always very gay


Here come the quares


This show has gotten very stale, very quickly in the Gibson hotel.

Cuntish bearded barman doesnt help matters.


A queer couple doing sign language. They have surely reached all ends of society now.