First Dates Ireland


I don’t think there’s any 40 year old women on here who can relate to that, mate.


Grand. He looks like he just got shat on by a cow. Does that help your visualise it?


It’s like I’m watching it there now. Cheers.


Is he not of Asian extraction?


:smile: @Mac , you racist fucker



He may well be, but that colour ain’t natural!


He’s a black Conor McGregor from the waist up.


I dunno, my other half reckons you’re right, the pale skin on his upper lip?


As @The_Selfish_Giant can attest to, it’s possible to be Irish and have a honker like that


A cark lad who hasn’t come out of the closet yet on now


Anyone know the Limerick lad on now?


A tanned foreign looking lad who thinks hes a sex bomb? Which of the limerick lads could that be


This Indian chap is one creepy bastard


He’s a murderer


Hes sat there without saying anything for the duration of the dinner.


Just drinking whiskey and telling her he’s been in a few bad relationships.


This Glenn lad must have moved to Cork in his late teens for college


Wondering is there any reports of missing people matching her description


He’s like the gay courier from That’s Life


Well played