First Dates Ireland


The French one wod be up for anything I’d say


Surely running out of gay people now.


Pole fitness :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The macnas guy looks like a macnas character


Eyes of a mentaller


To each their own etc but I don’t get being gay and wanting to be with a feminine man.


State of that cunt from Tallafornia. Fucking pants on like he was in Chips and the stupid Conor McGregor walk. Dickhead. Came across like David Brent.


I’m still trying to understand is there any difference. I genuinely thought it was vogue Williams.


Jaysus he was fairly shot down there


Philly McMahon will get shot down here I’d say.


I went off for a Tom Kite and upon returning I found this on the telly. Change channel there pet I chimed lovingly.
NO was the riposte, this guy (thundering fairy) looks Ace.Why can’t our lads look like that.

The country is fucked.


I’d say the next week be good a bit of a biffo looking chap on. I’d say he be mad for ploughing.


That nordy chap was far too nice. He dodged a bullet with the football sock wearing haunty French one.