Football all star nominations 2012

Goalkeepers: David Clarke (Mayo); Stephen Cluxton (Dublin); Paul Durcan (Donegal).

Full Backs: Eoin Cadogan (Cork); Ger Cafferkey (Mayo); Keith Higgins (Mayo); Donal Keogan (Meath); Eamon McGee (Donegal); Neil McGee (Donegal); Paddy McGrath (Donegal); Rory O’Carroll (Dublin); Michael Shields (Cork).

Half backs: Emmet Bolton (Kildare); Colm Boyle (Mayo); Adrian Flynn (Wexford); Lee Keegan (Mayo); Karl Lacey (Donegal); Frank McGlynn (Donegal); Kevin Nolan (Dublin); Michael Quinn (Longford); Anthony Thompson (Donegal).

Midfielders: Neil Gallagher (Donegal); Rory Kavanagh (Donegal); Barry Moran (Mayo); Aidan O’Shea (Mayo); Brendan Quigley (Laois); Aidan Walsh (Cork).

Half Forwards: Paul Barden (Longford); Alan Dillon (Mayo); Paul Flynn (Dublin); Paul Kerrigan (Cork); Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin); Mark McHugh (Donegal); Kevin McLoughlin (Mayo); Graham Reilly (Meath); Ciarán Sheehan (Cork).

Full forwards: Bernard Brogan (Dublin); Jamie Clarke (Armagh); Colm Cooper (Kerry); Conor Laverty (Down); Colm McFadden (Donegal); Andy Moran (Mayo); Michael Murphy (Donegal); Donncha O’Connor (Cork); Colm O’Neill (Cork).

The county by county breakdown is as follows: Donegal (12), Mayo (10), Cork (7), Dublin (6), Meath (2), Longford (2), Armagh (1), Down (1), Kildare (1), Kerry (1), Laois (1), Wexford (1)

I don’t know how Bernard Brogan has been nominated for an award this year…

Unreal, no Paddy Whackdeball, Poody O’Hoofitup, Jiminiy Mearseisraw, or Mulla O’Muldoon on the list.

Less of the coffee brah.

Stil to have my first cup Dog.

Some players find it more difficult not to be nominated in fairness.

Brian Kavanagh of Longford is unlucky not to have been nominated as well.

How good was Cooper this year? I don’t think I saw any of Kerry’s games.

Thought Kavanagh didnt do anything special this year for Longford, McCormack can feel hard done by but 3 nominations to a county that lost to Wexford and Limerick? Hardly likely. They’re steeped to have 2.

Mbb you can still be worthy of an all star even if your county gets hockeyed in games.

I saw Michael Quinn play 3 games this year and he was superb. I know you can make an argument as to who he was playing against but hes in the top five centre backs playing at present.

Barden is the luckier of the two Reading the list with purple and hold glasses on I think red Barry is unlucky not to be nominated this year.

Mucky O’Shitforbrains has also been omitted.

:lol: :lol: Poody…that’s the first time I’ve laughed at anything you’ve posted flangebox…good one.

Seconded on Brogan-he was shite this year. Did I hear right that it is 3 Donegal players in the running for FOTY?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yup. hard to argue with it either. Dylan wasn’t good enough in the final.

Adrian Flynn ahead of Donal Vaughan? Madness.

Strange Vaughan not nominated at all…he had a very good year.

:lol: :clap:

+1. Quinn ahead of Vaughan also.

Adrian Flynn was quality this year, Well deserving of an all star nomination, Vaughan should be in there somewhere though

Bizarre nomination of Frank McGlynn for the half-back line despite playing at corner back all-year. I suspect they want to fit Rory O’Carroll in at corner back because they feel they have to give Dublin and Cork at least one each.

Connolly was better than Brogan this year. Clear case of somebody’s name getting them nominated.

Lacey, McFadden and McGlynn are the three nominees for POTY.

  1. McGlynn
  2. McFadden
  3. Lacey

would be my pick.

Quality me hole. Scored a few decent points from wing back alright but nowhere near quality.

Macs disdain for tweeting footballers being shown here once again.