Football scores tonight

we are losing 3-1
inter are beating lecce 1-0
juve are drawing 1-1
lazio winning 3-0

games just about to finish -betfair live showing a few of them

Your mate Conor Sammon scored twice in the first half for Kilmarnock. Not sure if he’s got the hat-trick yet.

Chelsea really putting the boot into Pompey tonight. Its 4.0 at the moment. Spurs are going to get through as well. 2 up at Newcastle.

great to see but mate would be pushing it a bit :wink:
his brother would be a drinking aquatance(sic?)

Is there a chance Spaletti could get sacked if this start continues?

yeah,the prince of Rome’s injury hasnt helped though & they are very short on defenders through injuries as well

DDR was sent off tonight as well

City 2-1 down to Brighton. Hughes out.

Huns were 1-1 in extra time last I saw. Is that still the case?

according to ceefax it still is…

Let it go.

yes it is, good win for gunnilse

i will try to:p…as long as ye do the same…

The use of ceefax in this day and age. :wink:

tis every bit as convenient as the interweb sure…

Schmeichel in goal. No Robinho. Not seen the rest of the team sheet.

Short-sighted - could have been a trophy to end the 32 year drought.

Huns gone 2-1 up.

City 2-2 with Brighton now - Stephen Ireland.

The pages update too quick for my liking. It was good in its day. City level. Ireland scored.


City 2-2 with Brighton now - Stephen Ireland.[/quote]

ah, good. I thought it was over.

ever look up the Bus Eireann timetable on Aertel.

33 pages. The times you want are on page 14.
The first page displayed will be 15/33

City lost on penos. 5.3