Forum Members Likely To Attend A Michael Barrymore Pool Party


carryharry would be first in the water, he might even bring his own deck chair

Bandage would be there so he could tell people after they were raped in the water “I knew that would happen”.

Bandage will not be there, Dunph, as there is no women’s jacks at the Barrymore residence.

Ironic coming from the cunt following me around with his nose to my hole. :lol:

The Runt would certainly be close by with his tag rugby chums.

Id go to any auld cock fight

A friend of mine shagged him a couple of years ago, the dirty fecker

Disgusted this didn’t make it into the celebrity spots thread. Surely would have been a 5 under old boss Runt’s interactive rule.

I’d have been more disgusted if Thrawneen had witnessed it.

tallpaul shagged the runt?


He does throw exceedingly good parties TASE. :wink:

Are you implying that Thrawneen was present too?

I was wondering that myself.
I wasn’t, for the record. Let’s nip that one in the bud right now,

Surprised MBB hasn’t got a mention here.

or yourself :lol:

I should have given you a mention as well. :lol: