Forums Sid Waddell Posts BDO Rubbish

The Free Kick,, Peoples Republic of Cork, The Stars of Darts.Com. Double Finish.Com, numerous Twitter accounts. You must have some time on your hands Sidney.

Look who’s talking :smiley:

so doing a signle handed bus run on these forums shows someone being time rich but reading them all doesnt?

Looks like Sidney is living rent free in this fella’s head.

I don’t read them all, how could i, drivel.

@Sidney is a TFK ambassador and a credit to Bushy Park

Was’nt bad, the 2nd one was better though.

You don’t know the half of it, mate. On this forum alone I’m Sidney, The Scouse Cafu, Manuel Zelaya, GV Wright, myboyblue, Sandymount Red and Anto. I also have over 300 Twitter accounts, 15 accounts, 10 People’s Republic of Cork accounts, and hundreds of other accounts across dozens of other forums. And I have you dancing like a performing mouse looking for them all.

jimmy29 is absolutley destroyed by the brilliance of the BDO

say it ain’t so

Someone call those horrible cunts in, @Sidney has won the internet.

Which one is your favourite?

Down the hill a bit.

This whole process of opening a new thread didn’t go all that well for @jimmy29[/USER]. Thought he’d snagged [USER=183]@Sidney in a weak moment…Haaaa.

He ruins so many forums with he’s pointless BDO rubbish, i just said i’d make a point.

That’s why another 4 seeds left on Monday, BDO is creaking badly.

“Pointless” is a good description of how Gary Anderson emerged after one of his visits to the board in the pdc final.

True, i think he’d fairly well hammer Mitchell though. To be fair to Mitchell he’s playing in the Grand Slam of Darts. I was well impressed wih Durrant, great player.

What does @Sidney[/USER]'s arsehole taste like [USER=738]@jimmy29? Yet another PDC lackey selling out to live on Easy St.

Yeah, i said Ando would hammer Mitchell did’nt i? Also Durrant is joining PDC next January. It will be great to see him with the big boys.