Some cheer to lift the depression of a Monday morning. I was reliably informed over the weekend that on top of celebrating a milestone birthday, the forums favourite Kilkenny poster took the plunge recently and will soon be becoming an honest man.

Congrats Fran :clap:


It’s true Runt.

Many thanks Mac.

At this point I’d like to express my gratitude to the wonderful county of Wexford for providing the magnificent setting for both the engagement and wedding


New Ross will be rocking that night alright.


The Runt is seething after being left behind again, don’t worry mate keep asking you’ll eventually wear her down #alwaysthebridesmaidneverthebride

Indeed, it’s a sad day when a bland simpleton like myself can convince a girl to marry me when much more eligible bachelors like The Runt, Jugs & myboyblue remain firmly rooted to the shelf

Congratulations Fran mate.


Congrats Fran. :clap:

Making that stew last night was a typically bland yet appropriate way to celebrate.



Congrats all the same, the time comes eventually to every man when he feels as if he’s had enough joy in his life :wink:

Fuck right off

Apologies mate, I didn’t realise you were married.

We did indulge in a gin and tonic beforehand and a glass of wine with the dinner. Drinking on a Sunday night was very liberating

Did you come with ring in hand so to speak, or did you play it safe/wise?


Congrats Fran.

Was the proposal a typically bland affair also?


I think the bland jokes have run their course at this stage, Julio.

How very bland. I’ll take that as a yes

Got a good deal on a ring. The fella in the pawn shop down the road said it’s worth at least 3 times what I paid for it. A nice little nest egg to cash in on a couple of years down the line

Congrats Fran , wonderful news. I hear lahinch is great for a stag.