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lads, some of you might be missing out by not going to the betting forum- dunph is on a run of unbelievable success- never in ths history of the internet has this been matched - i know there is a beekend wetting thread each week but as far as i can see you get the usual suspects tipping 1/7 losers - this thread is for people to show their appreciation & let anyone who is missing out aware of the internets premium tipsters ongoing success

no begrudgers please

The papers will be after him soon NCC to write for them.

the voice of Ireland has been sniffing around asking questions but im sure bandage & rocko could make a counter offer if things progressed further - i cant wait for the day when an all but broken mac calls dunph begging him to speak at the wexford gga cheltenham preview

:lol: :smiley:

I have been inundated in recent days with offers from newspaper and television outlets including the Late Late who want me to appear on next Friday nights show while the Star have asked me to replace Kieran O’Connell…

But i am delighted to announce that in the last hour i penned a new 6 figure deal with Bandage and Rocko to remain on as TFK’s resident tipster.

Stay tuned folks for more amazing winning tips over the coming weeks and months. And here’s the best part - they’re absolutely free.

Who was tipping 1/7 losers? :smiley:

Ask your auld wan!