French Shootings

Four people killed in a school shooting in Toulouse today.

The fact it was a Jewish school means that there were already suggestions it might be a hate crime but now police in France have confirmed it was the same gun that was used in two separate shootings in the general Toulouse area last week when three French soldiers (of African descent) were killed.

All three shootings have been carried out either from a motorbike or with a motorbike as a getaway vehicle.

Did they catch the scumbag?

Not yet Dunph.

Be safe mon ami

So we have a serial killer on the run?

No. On a motorbike according to reports.

I’m in Paris and the shootings have been in Toulouse, but thanks for your concern Dan.

Is there hysteria in France mate? Stay away from synagogues and army installations.

There’s a fair bit of public outcry alright and it’s all over the news bulletins.

I was listening to a BBC journo this morning, he had to drive to Toulouse, as all the planes were booked up with gendarmarie. Aparently they reckon the shooter has millitary training, speculation about a rogue legionnaire.

This is a great opportunity for the Muslim and Jewish communities in France to come together to fight racism and the right wind extremism that seems to pervade France.

The Jewish and Muslim communities would need to be very gusty to do that.

Flatulence begets friendship?

They would, but its a great opportunity to do so.

lots of loose talk about immigration going on in france during the current electioneering. hopefully this incident will dent that little gremlin sarkozy after his recent attempts to whip up right wing support on the issue

This fellow is a proper psycho from reading the news reports on yesterdays incident. Caught an 8-y-o girl by the hair and shot her in the head at point blank range.

Woah, that’s a bit harsh. We don’t know all the facts yet and you’re going off on one calling him a psycho.

Its been a terrible few weeks for Arry and Spurs, 3 defeats on the spin, a player nearly dies in thie ground and now 3 fans down to boot.

what nasty ignorant folks some of you lot are

[quote=“Rocko, post: 667107”]
Woah, that’s a bit harsh. We don’t know all the facts yet and you’re going off on one calling him a psycho.[/quote]

FFS Rocko. French police have surrounded a house in toulouse. A bit of a shoot out going on. Surprise surprise the suspect is a muslim who presumably shot the french soldiers as traitors and the kids because they were Jewish. Hope he dies slowly.

Number of people killed by Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe since 2005: 0
Number of Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe in 2009 out of a total of 294: 1
Number of Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe in 2010 out a total of 249: 3

So yes, the actual statistics would say it’s very much a surprise.

Of course you could always take the American approach with this and declare the suspect insane in which case it’s not terrorism and the number of people killed by Islamic terrorism in Europe since 2005 remains at 0.