Friday Fashion Thread

It would be nice for forum members if we were at the forefront of the latest fashion trends so I’m suggesting we use this thread to discuss what’s what in the male fashion world - the birds have their own thread already.

I must say, I’m a scruff. I moved gaff 4 months ago and lost 2 pairs of shoes in the process and have yet to replace them. As a result, I wear trainers everywhere bar work. I don’t own any casual shirts or slacks/trousers. I wear trainers, jeans, t-shirts and zippies and that is all, excepts cords - I own 2 pairs of cords.

But I feel a bit sorry for Jugs. He makes a real effort with clothes but it’s like the poor lad’s the beneficiary of the hand me downs from your average Annabel’s nightclub attending reformed killer or something. He started wearing blazers about 3 years after all the Blackrock College alumni were and now he’s started wearing this ridiculous hooded and buttoned cardigan. And he just looks like a rampant homosexual - not that there’s anything wrong with that at all.

But I feel it’s time for me to start dressing smarter and TFK can surely provide some suggestions. So, what are you wearing today boys?

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I’m wearing a quare wooly jumper of a yoke, cos the heating in work is bollixed, jeans, trainers and white(ish) underpants to match the socks.
Casual clothes to work is the norm-none of your suit types here.

I’m wearing brown brogues, navy socks, blackish combative jeans (not sure of the colour I’m not great on colours), white and stripes shirt (again colours aren’t clear), a greyish sort of jumper over that. I look smart I think - certainly far smarter than I usually do.

My suit situation is a joke. I have one suit that I wore to a wedding and a funeral and that’s staying good. I have a few odd trousers that belong to a suit but I no longer have the jacket for any trousers I have. None of my trousers are in anything approaching respectable condition. The best pair are a size too small, feature a hot chocolate stain on the left trouser leg above the knee and a rip at the crotch. They’re my best pair so they get worn most days. My other two pairs are both filthy and ragged.

I’m wearing navy trainers, navy cords, green and navy polo shirt and and a navy zippy top on this particular casual Friday. I will not be disclosing whether my zippy top is hooded or not or any of the brand names I’m wearing, if any, so as to protect my identity. I’ve probably overdone the navy in truth.

I’m wearing a Navy suit, blue and white vertically striped shirt, a tie of some strange design, navy socks with blue stripes at the toes and heel and black shoes. To be honest I’ve taken the shoes off as I normally do when I’m in the office. I’m fortunate enough to have good enough personal hygiene to be able to do this without stinking up the place.

I don’t have too much of a choice when it comes to work clothes. Suit and shirt, most of the time I can get away without the suit jacket & the tie.

My casual wardrobe consists mostly of Jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, jackets, runners & shinguards. I’ve thought about but can never come around to the idea of wearing older clothes like slacks, chinos, blazers, shirts, sensible shoes etc. I think I’ll probably have a mid-life crisis at about 42 and have to give into this shit.

I’m wearing a white shirt with a black v-neck jumper over it, dark navy jeans and black shoes.

These are also the clothes I wore out last night. There is a distinct smell of whiskey from the right sleeve of my shirt

ah c’mon lads

tighty whities or raggedy sponge bob boxers

long brown duffle coats with holes in the pockets and no jocks.

sunglasses too.

I try to dress reasonably well but i’m crap at shopping so i generally end up wearing clothes that are ill fitting (the lads gleefully pointed out that the shirt i was wearing last night was fairly well painted onto me and that’s not a good look when you have a beer gut). Casual Friday is always cords and a shirt, other casual gear i possess are bog standard jeans and t-shirts.

I would class myself as a trend follower as opposed to a trend setter.

Biggest male fashion faux pax i’ve ever seen was cesc4 wearing a t-shirt with a plunging neckline - the fooking neck opened as far his stomach. He looked ridiculous and was informed of same. Needless to say he wore it once and once only.

That was one of the most shocking sights I’ve ever had the misfortune to witness. There’s a lad I know at home who regularly wears a kind of see-through white t-shirt with a similar plunging neckline. It’s so ridiculous and ill-advised but I think he must be proud of his physique or something and wears the t-shirt as a result. I’ll go up to him next time I see him in the pub and go, ‘Hey - nice abs. How much do you bench? How much do you weigh?’

Today I have been mostly wearing one black sock and one navy sock, trainers, blue denim bootcut jeans and last season’s green away Celtic jersey. Thank you.

I’m currently sitting on the couch with just a pair of navy boxers with a hole in the arse of them and an empty pizza box on my lap, classy stuff

What are the trends today? I’m wearing a new navy and blue zippy. It’s got loads of weird designs and is very controversial. I’m wearing a Celtic polo shirt underneath that and a plain white t-shirt as my first layer. The latter was worn as a trade-off because I decided I’m going to get pissed after work and didn’t want to have a jacket with me. I’m also wearing navy trainers and dark blue jeans and black and blue socks.

I’m not wearing anything, I’m posting this completely nude…

i have on my canary and red check shirt, my black straight leg(drainpipe)wranglers and my black decks…I also have my nenagh milk body warmer which i got from collecting the tokens off the milk cartons…

I’m wearing my Barcelona hoodie that I bought in Copenhagen last week and just realised I’m wearing the Barcelona jersey underneath. Dunnes’ Jeans and adaidas runners

I forgot to mention that i couldn’t find my belt this morning so my breeches are being held up by a bit of bailing twine…

sounds about right

and you preaching to me about kevin myers inciting racial hatred on another thread when you are prejudice to the inhabitants of rural ireland…

You’ve haven’t been seen on that thread since you got your ass handed to you