Friday Fashion Thread

I sense that this is sarcasm, nonetheless

I dont see it myself, but good on em. Its a big deal this yoke.

Oul treble denim :heart_eyes:

I can’t think of a better thread to ask these questions.

I’m sitting here waiting and I can see three men sporting mustaches. Are they back in? Are they coming back in? Is Roy Keane getting on this trend early?

Don’t do it @Locke

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His shoes are tasty looking, whatever brand they are.

Moccasins we used to call them. Had a pair of them back in the day. Blue ones.

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You have three choices:
1 Swiss Tony
2 Freddie
3 An Oldham based sales rep for a building supplies firm, delightedly driving a BMW 318i company car (cloth seats) circa 1989.

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Any kind of facial hair doesn’t suit me chief and I certainly won’t ever be sporting a tache. Just asking is there a trend for them happening.