Friday Fashion Thread


Anybody looking for a special Christmas present this year?


That’s a lovley combination on the right.



serious shoes


Bet he didn’t get them in Cark


Went looking for a new warm winter coat today and picked up this duffel style jacket, I had intended getting a nice woolen pea coat but this grabbed me


Bought a duffler in February 2007 in the sales for €50 and it’s still going strong. That’s a good investment mate. You’d want your head examined to be buying a coat without a hood in Ireland


Bought this online using address pal. 100+ in the UK, and arnotts were selling the lining vest alone for 240, got it for 113 dollars plus the address pal shipping cost.


Nice anorak.



Don’t ever wear the vest on its own.




Pet hate of mine. Gents in their 40s and 50s going tieless while wearing suits and shirts designed to be worn with a tie. These guys swan about like they’ve nailed that casual business look whereas in fact they’ve faithfully recreated the look sported after mass on a 1980s Sunday morning in the Crown in Cricklewood.


Can you give me an example?

I had sales guy try to sell me a very dressy shirt before Christmas, telling me it would go perfect with a pair of jeans.


Ties are dead. Lack of confidence means that the logical next step to kill off the suit as business dress has not followed yet in Dublin.

In the meantime because the placket of a formal shirt is not rigid enough to sustain the weight of the collar the result is a gaping collapsed collar. One solution would be magnetic collar supports such as these



Surely you aren’t meant to wear a tie with those?


I wouldnt


We’ve crossed wires here mate. Let’s just leave it.


At least your yellow pants, blazer and slip ons will never go out of fashion with your American overlords.


I went and ordered four of these over the weekend. Will report back my findings