Friday Fashion Thread


I would boycott these cunts for that stupid annoying dickhead radio ad they have.


I’m in alderley edge here guys, home to half the epl. I’ve just seen this. Would this be a thing these days (fao of @tassoti)


What? Taking sneaky photos of men’s arses? I’d say that’s a thing alright and there’s probably a name for it.


That’s a poor enough effort for you Fagan.


What are we supposed to be looking at here, pal? The rolled up trousers?


Yep, and the shoes/runners.


cc @Tassotti



Vladimir Putin and his body double looking very dapper there.


Are those girls your sisters ?


do many of you lads shave your chests?


I do pal why? Put a bit of duct tape on the nips to avoid a serious incident


Dan Carter BSC


do the women like it? I shave downstairs and my armpits, think I might go the whole hog


I prefer to shave in the shower


If one was wearing a beige suit what colour shoes would you go for? Shinny Black has a nice look to it.


Not black anyway mate,I’d say that’s a no no, tan would be good, is it beige or cream?
A lighter coloured shoe


The shoes would be the least of your worries if you were wearing a beige suit mate.:rofl:



No one will be looking at your shoes if you are going around in a beige suit mate