Friday Fashion Thread


The same shoes Matlock wore


Its the type of event where everyone will be wearing one


I don’t think those shoes are a good match for that suit, honestly you’ll have accountants here recommending black shoes with everything but they’re wrong, tan is your best bet if you have the confidence to wear a beige suit, perhaps loafers without socks


Oh the annual beige suit convention, you should have said




I think it’s the intercounty shouldering championship


Summer ball in Newmarket


You’d be better off with a white linen suit.


Is it on in the Hiland?


Lads if someone was going to wedding abroad where temps are expected to be in the high 30s, what class of a suit could you get so you wouldn’t bake ?


Twill be a Young crowd if it’s on there!!


Don’t mind them old farts @AppleCrumbled, a beige suit for a summer occasion is a fine look for a young man, not black shoes though, seriously


Thank you.


Linen trousers and a nice white shirt. Suede loafers or a nice pair of moccasins. Fuck a suit in the heat.


There are very few Irish lads Iv ever seen who could pull off a beige suit. Youd want to be very sallow like @caoimhaoin at minimum


Safaris mate


Plus one to this. @ClarkeyCat recently pulled off this look at a continental wedding and he looked great.


One that comes with a jacket that you can take off.


Is it his debs that @AppleCrumbled is off to?