Friday Fashion Thread


Costume jewellery for feet


More just the colour as opposed to that specific shoe


All day every day



Pitt is finally starting to age a bit. He’s turning into Robert Redford.

Always thought he was very overrated as an actor.


You could do worse than turn into Redford


And here I thought he was underrated. I don’t think anyone ever rated him highly as an actor. He’s also aging better than Leo.


In fairness Pitt was a never a partyer like Leo nor has he spent the last 25 years servicing a steady queue of supermodels.


My Irish Autumn coat
Cc @TheUlteriorMotive


You coming back for a funeral?


Are you going to a fancy dress party as Paddington Bear?


Tis like a tunic a Garda or prison officer would have worn in the forties or fifties


is the hood detachable?


Looks good pal. A lot of lads here won’t have the confidence or stature to wear that so expect some barbed comments.


Indeed it is.


noble jacket.


You can really see the lads with the inferiority complexes alright.


Be grand with skinny jeans


you could throw a jacket like that over anything. @Fitzy how far down the leg does it go?


There will be them and some chino type affairs. So the next thing I need to figure iut us footwear. I’ll bring a pair of boots and some runners, but now I need to get a casual, but smart pair of Adidas Gazelle like things. I’ll have thongs for Hong Kong on the way back.