Friday Fashion Thread


Just above the knee. I’m quite modest like.


Big sale on @ at the moment.

I saved approx €228 on my order yesterday compared to the RRP. :yum:


Look out for adidas trimm Star in a nice colourway

Best shape casual adidas shoe there is.


Any sites ye’d recommend for a shirt or five. I dont have much interest in going in to Guineys or Penneys for a roaster check shirt and bootcut jeans combo.

Nothing to my liking on MandM


If you are looking for work shirts TM Lewis will do the trick. If not go to Ebay and get some nice All Saints or Scotch and Soda gear.


Fuck buying shirts off the internet, you need a shirt to fit right.
At your age River Island will do the trick if you don’t want to splash out, TKMaxx is worth a trip as well.


might go with this suit or something similar for Paris


Don’t wear shirts to work. :wink:

Tis more for nights out if anything.


Trip to Kildare village is best advised.


I like it, I have it in a shorter style. Can be used for work with suit or going out with jeans. I would not wear it with smart trousers.


Effort :joy:


Kildare village is a pile of bollix. Go All Saints or Scotch and Soda. Are you looking for smart or casual, cheap or expensive. Pick up many handy bits on Asos.


Can you tell me what you are looking for?


I like it, cheque suits are not me though.


Few shirts. Not check. Darker colors preferred.


How’d the interview go- hope you held out for the corner office



Not great. We’ll see my heart wasn’t really in it i guess.