Friday Fashion Thread



Thank you @Your_Mums_Athletic

If William Hill settled our bets it’d cover the price of a few shirts!



A tidy All Saints number and right size!!!


What odds
You’ll land on your feet



You’d be some ape to fork out that money for a shirt


This is hilarious, TKMaxx where all the shirts come in packets


ASOS miles better for online shopping than m&m lad.

I stuck my head into Levi’s on Grafton Street the other day, one of my favourite brands anyway but they have some lovely stuff in.


You need to open the link to see the price Mike but I would pay the money for the right gear I have to say. Before I got married I should note!!!


Won’t keep out the rain


Huh? Have you never been in there, they’d have hundreds of shirts out of n each size, just a few shirts packaged, not the type that the young lad is looking for



I picked up some nice shirts in the Selected shop in the crescent last year. Dunno if it would be of interest to you.


Head into Zara @Copper_pipe


Have none of ye heard of a tailor?


You slag off buying off the internet yet you recommend going to TK Maxx!


I didn’t slag off anything? Shirts should really be tried on, @Copper_pipe appeared to be looking for advice on where to source good quality cheapish shirts, it’s not sale season at the moment so TKmaxx is as good as anything, what’s the problem?


TK Maxx is the job for the man in a hurry.


I’ve never seen or heard of anyone trying on a shirt in a chain store. Sure fire way of catching the mange I’d say.


I’d get very little there myself but it’s grand for a browse, they have a huge selection of shirts anyway