Friday Fashion Thread


That’s an odd comment, have you ever even been in a chain store, I assume all your shirts are personally tailored


Rarely and mostly.


Few shirts for going out is all i’m after. Don’t mind spending a few quid for quality


Wasted on a lad of 23 who will be rolling in cider, kebabs and puke.


head into tk maxx. Grand selection. Cheap. Wouldn’t mind getting beer/puke/kebab down the front of them




TK Maxx. Zara.


Sportpursuit do some nice clothing.


This is a beauty


head into mickmurphys on north main street if you are after quality. good selection of shirts with decent quality in there


I don’t think he’s planning to audition as an extra for Blazing Saddles.


that lad has his finger on the pulse of today’s fashion… jesus


I would agree there, selected do some lovely clothes. Zara for skinny fit jeans and trousers and ASOS. I get most of my clothes online, it is free returns with most nowadays.


how much would you pay premium for getting a shirt fitted Fagan, versus just going in and buying the same shirt off a rack?


It’s worth the premium as quality lasts for years.


a shirt off the rack lasts years as well if treated right and not washing it in the washing machine like an animal


Has JP an event coming up for his lost boys?


you seem to know more about him than I do kid.


Unfortunately for @copperpipe he’s trying to catch the minge, not mange.


I might head in Thursday after work.