Friday Fashion Thread


Some of that is accurate :eyes:


How much would you normally pay for a shirt?


between 50 to 100 sheets…


Pay no mind to fagan. He’s off the rack and internet bought mostly from tyrwhitt and tm lewin


Signing in.




Get yourself a couple of Paul Smith shirts @Copper_pipe . I assume you are slim enough for them.


I’d say Fagan never wears denim.

Denim shirts are cool as mustard. @Copper_pipe might pull a Abbey Clancy lookalike


Can’t bate the Paul smith shirts, pricey alright


You would assume correctly


You need to leave room for kebabs and ale.


I presume the denim shirt thing is a wind up ?
Tell me it is.


Don’t want to be tripping over the sleeves either!


Or the knuckles.


Double denim is back kid. Dust off the auld shirts


If you get in now you will still catch the tail end of them.

Charcoal jeans with a nice blue denim shirt and suede Chelsea boots is hard bet.


if youre going full brokeback mountain


If you lack the self confidence to dress well wear something else.


I dress for comfort, not for gay cowboys


That look (at peak) is a year out of date now … tho nothing wrong with it still.