Friday Fashion Thread


It is but slowly slowly on here.


This is the Friday Fashion thread. We dress for speed. Not comfort.


Ah yeah — you’ve lads sporting beards now after 5 years of slagging them off. Scarfs the same. The insecurity of many Irish males is sad, and something @caoimhaoin often railed against.




Who what?


Who? You cunt.


They will all be wearing baker boy hats this winter. 2 years too late.


Who fucking what?


A beautiful piece here. A velour adidas tracksuit. Would be very Christmassy and also would work well doing the school run or relaxing in a coffee shop. The colour would lend itself to a Galway game in the early Spring too.


The Adidas 3 stripes originals t shirts are very nice for 30 euro. Available in a few different colours too


Thirty quid for a t shirt. Ffs sake.


A shirt with three (3) stripes


Sure with all the money these lads are helping him make, he can afford it.


Toying with an indigo polo neck and navy velvet blazer tonight, jeans and white trainers


black parka black t shirt and black jeans and black trainers

Cc @Tassotti


I presume this is a piss take? Surely no one over 15 wears a tracksuit unless they hate themselves.


Meant to ask you this, where would be a good place to buy a smart dark cotton trousers? Also, is there a mango men’s outlet in Dublin? Always thought it was a women’s shop but they seem to do nice men’s clothes also.


J crew online pal is best. Order a few sizes and return.

Their skinny chinos are great.

Think mango closed. Look at massimo dutti


Have you never watched the sopranos


I have and only sociopaths and drug dealers wear tracksuits as adults.


If you lack confidence wear something else man.