Friday Night 80s


Anybody else remember this, it was a favourite of Fannings back in the day


Prince - Take Me With U

Prince - The Beautiful Ones


Tpau; valentine



Just listening to love is battlefield now, daycant tune


Sydney Youngblood - If Only I Could


That’s a decent tune to be fair,


Living color: love rears up its ugly head


I used to bash around a bit on the bass guitar around then, that guy fromLiving Colour was the bomb.


it just gets me, every fucking time, believe it or not, when I am tying for that 5th rep on the bench or hitting the 12th mile in a half, I make sure to have this on the loop, it really gets me going



Throw something up from the Lexicon. “Tears are not enough” perhaps.


Would you be thinking of the two lassies noshing you off?


yes, especially the blonde one, thats a lovely turn of phrase you have there


Fair enough, I only know the singles and this is my favourite, they are one of the ultimate 80s sounds, I was gonna post Breakout from swing out sister but it seems I was beaten to it


One of the best albums of the 80s.


I was a bit young I’d say, I know the singles very well but never listened to the album, I’m checking out some 80s tunes right now so I could be putting a few more up, this is a decent tune


I like that one. Another good memories tune, 83 or 84 I think.


I can remember hearing that on the Larry Gogan golden hour when he had a tv show in the early 90s and being blown away (sorry @carryharry for boring you) great tune.
Here’s an 80s tune that has massive nostalgic value for me