Friday Night 80s


Talk Talk: Tomorrow Started

The progression of this band from when this was recorded in 1984 to Laughing Stock in 1991 is simply astounding and well worth investigation. Spirit of Eden from 1988 is an absolute work of genius.


pigbag - papa’s got a brand new pigbag


Spirit of Eden is a phenomenal record. Hollis seems an interesting character. The Quietus did an interesting feature on Laughing Stock recently actually


Tried to bankrupt his record label with Laughing Stock, over 100 musicians used over a year long recording, 90% of which was discarded. A Kevin Shields job.


Always in the kitchen


Talk Talk - It’s My Life


OMD - Electricity


Nirvana - Love Buzz


Furniture - Brilliant Mind


Visage - Fade To Grey


Bbc 4 right now has a decent TOTP 1980 documentary.


A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing


Kate Bush - Jig Of Life

Kate Bush - The Sensual World


Cc @balbec. BBC4 now. Biggest hits of 1980. Madness now.


Motörhead on now. The Ace of Spades. One of the greatest songs in the entire history of Rock and Roll.


History of Indie coming up now. @farmerinthecity


Shouldn’t indie music be called “indo” music in Ireland?


Ian McCulloch holding a cigarette in the same hand as he’s holding his microphone in. You can’t do that anymore as smoking is banned on stage now.

Game’s gone.



Happy 70th birthday today to the one and only Iggy Pop.