Friday Poll

Who do you believe shot Collins?

Could probably have done with a “none of the above” option.

Frank Murphy

Bullshit. It’s time people got off the fence on this important national question.

It was a fairy who was aggrevied that Collins had built a house on an old fairly fort

What were you doing that day yourself Fagan? :strokechin:

its hard to argue against dev after caoimhin said he did it here a few weeks ago but for me all fingers point to Sonny O’neill.
he fucked off to Tipp after this gunfight and never returned to cark, he died a recluse, practically in poverty…and in Tipp.
Why else would a man do this to himself.

The Emmet Dalton thing was stirred up by Neil Jordan around the time he brought out the film to drum up some publicity.
Sonny Neil did it.

It was Jonathan Rhys Meyers from what I remember anyhow.

Henry XIII was put up to it by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Henry the Thirteenth?

They were fairly naive going into that ambush. Did they think the cart had broken down or something?

Are their still some fruitcakes who dispute that Sonny Neill did it? In fairness all Sonny Neill did was take part in an ambush, he didn’t set out to kill Collins either. The biggest mystery around the whole thing was the nature of the wound, which was pretty much solved by the revelation that the group which carried out the ambush had dum-dum rounds which had been captured from the tans.

None of them knew what they were doing. The convoy was put together at late notice and was composed of Dublin based recruits who had never patrolled in the countryside at all. Collins himself had never been in an ambush either and it was his decision to stop, instead of driving through the ambush, that led to him getting shot. If he’d had any military experience it’s unlikely he’d have done anything that stupid.

The very man

There’s a woman in Kilmallock who grew up in west cork on the farm adjoining Sonny Neill’s. It was widely accepted in that locality that he fired the shot.

Fagan has yet to put forward a credible arguement that it was Emmet Dalton who dunnit

It was Hitler wot done it as revenge for all those Jews Collins saved from the gas chamber in that film.

I wonder what kind of country Ireland would be today had his life not being snuffed out at such a young age.

Just the same or maybe worse. I don’t understand the belief that things would have been better under Collins. He was a junior civil servant turned armed insurrectionary. There is no evidence to suggest that he would have been better at running a country than Cosgrave or O’Higgins.