Further Things That Are Wrong


I wonder was it Robbie Kanes boyhood dream to be a reporter for the Niall Boylan show


Does she have any teeth?


Maybe she was giving birth to her 8th or 9th kid there during the interview. Might explain her grunting and mad ramblings.


At least she’d have been expecting it


I’d say the reporter was shitting himself, he was saying she is a bit agitated and her screaming in the background. :slight_smile:


a stark raving lunatic of a woman, a monster created by the looney left.

‘de state is robbin us alive’ :grin:

‘dis guberment needs to resign’

how is the state robbing you Margerat?

‘de state is robbin the money they are all gettin and puttin in dere own pocket dat is ment for de poor people of oireland’

Margaret can you explain hopw you think the state is robbing you?

‘listen sir im not going to go on here and talk to someone about de state, dis state…dis guberment, dis durty guberment theres people died at de hands of dis guberment, winter is cumin and more o de people r gunna die, yeh’

What a horrible pig ignorant self entitled leech of a woman.


Radio gold and her shouting in the background. :slight_smile:


Was she in some sort of accident recently?


Margaret has them driven absolutely demented :grinning:


its no wonder she has 10 kids and no home to put them in, because she is as thick as a bucket of shit


Is she really this thick? I really had her down for having a bit more about her, but jesus this is torture.


the little childeren should be taken off of her and put into care, she is clearly a very stupid woman who also has irrational anger issues and they have no hope of any decent life with her.


She has both side driven demented. I read that the protesters wouldn’t let her on stage (thank Fuck) so she got a mega phone and was shouting through that.


Right, who fucked the pigeon head at the protesters? :slight_smile:


Margaret says she suffers mental health and her 4 year old son had to see a psychiatrist because of Eoghan Murphy.


thats really disturbing, the childeren should be taken off of her


I don’t know or care about any of that, I just admire how she winds up the loony right wing cunts on here


That’s probably right. I used to work for ICHH, which is the charity that publicised her in the first place but she can’t be the public face of the homelessness crisis.

Listening to her there, “Winter is coming!” I nearly posted a Game of Thrones meme before I remembered that I actually work for ICHH.


She is winding up both sides, sure the left wouldn’t let her speak yesterday so she started shouting through a megaphone.


she is costing the taxpayers about 80k per annum, its a rather expensive wind up she has going