Further Things That Are Wrong


But the gubberment are robbing her blind.


she is mentally ill, and lads like @backinatracksuit are getting a great laugh out of her. the taxpayers are paying for this madness and her little childeren all 7/8 or 9 of them are on the road to absolutely nowhere in life.
but hey its great entertainment for the likes of @backinatracksuit who is just home from shcool and cooking the dinner for his faboulous wife and lovely daughters


That’s a very volatile employment situation you have there.


Ah Jaysus, this is wonderful, she has you ready to explode :rofl:



She’s a fuckin mental case,her childer have to see a psychiatrist because of her


Poor cunts don’t stand a chance. They boys will be robbing by the time they’re 6 and her daughters will be married by 10.


But sure no one gives a shit. The left will throw a fit if you dare suggest that this woman should try to set a good example for her kids by getting out and trying to make something of herself. They’d much rather defend her at all costs and see the cycle repeat itself, through the generations, all the while patting themselves on the back because they were afraid to take tough action. She’s happy to be a drain on society. Her kids, understandably, will also be happy to do so seeing as they know no better. And their kids will and on and on it will go.


They’re all dreaming of a cashless society


Milaois and Harper.


Will they turn out to be Doctors, Teachers, Software creators, Sales people?

I just know they won’t go on to leech from the state & never ever partake in Robberies throughout the Country.


Did you turn out to be a doctor, teacher, software creator or sales person?




Wanna buy a gate, sir?


“well you will tomorrow morning”


What the actual fuck?


He should be executed.


Annalong is one hell of an orange shithole.


Actually executing the bastard is too good, torture him and then burn the cunt at the stake.


Horse whipped and his bollox chopped off