Further Things That Are Wrong


Some people are just wired wrong and there is no place for them on this earth.


I think this would be appropriate


Words cant describe that heinous scumbag.

Death penalty is needed for that.


What was that heavy metal lad who got done for doing something similar a few years back?


Was he from Annalong?


Don’t think so.


Ian Watkins. Lostprophets.


That was it.

The stuff that came out in that trial was depraved.


Got something like 35 years in jail.

Say what you want about the British legal system but they’ll always be relied upon to imprison people for a long time, whether justified or not.


The Lost Prophets cleaned up their act after that, went straight edge. No sex or drugs.




Was he an orange man then?


Most likely.


Mickey Harte will give him a character reference.


‘They want us to drop our culture and throw it aside’ - Traveller families won’t move into €1.7m homes without stables and land


You couldn’t be expecting them to walk across the road to their horses


On Niall Boylan now, he loves the traveller community and their culture.


I thought she was expecting a house.


She is a gobshite, she gets everything handed to her. Would love to see go out and work for a change and then see what she thinks.


In her defence, some of the stuff she’s gotten, she’s handed back soft.