Further Things That Are Wrong


38 convictions
Turned up late in court
Stolen goods not recovered

Ah you’re grand, on you go.


50k into the hand from the gubberment and she still goin round robbin penneys blind

@glasagusban agus @The_Selfish_Giant @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac do you hate that womans childeren so much that you are happy top see them being dragged up like that or is it just that winning an argument on the internet means more for you?


winning an argument on the internet every time




Jesus Christ.


Fuck me, half a million after admitting it was her fault. What the fuck like.


Why the fuck was this even entertained? She should have been told to fuck off, it was her own poxy fault. The luas will now be like the train out of Calcutta with folks clinging onto the sides in the hope of falling off and getting a pay out.


I know!!! Dem fucking Dubs.


Shur you can’t do it anymore, they put a metal strip in. Job is oxo cc @iron_mike


Something bad happened to me. Give me money.

Fuck sake.


Even better, “I caused something bad to happen to me, give me momey.”


I got pissed and fell over. Give me €50k.


If you can show us the video


This is simply obscene, society is fucked. But I bet you a million euros there are soft headed cunts out there who defend that girls right to act like a halfwit.
Isent that right @glasagusban @Sidney @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac


Even Snowflake Commander in Chief Matt Cooper admitted that this pay out is obscene.

€550k for acting a fucking ape and injuring yourself. Ffs. Like those cunts who drive uninsured, have a crash and then get another passenger to sue the driver (inevitably a relative) through the insurance bureau, thus driving up (pardon the pun) insurance costs for everyone else.

Everyone who broke an arm after falling out of a tree house as a child should take a claim against the local council.

At what stage is basic common sense going to take hold and idiots like this get told to cop on and be accountable for their own actions.


All she deserves is a Darwin award, for fuck sake


Saw one quote which said “she did not want to blame the driver”
Blame him for what???


Read it there man. No words.


President elect Casey probably afraid to voice his opinion on this, least the twitter-ati go after him.


Your one taking the case and looking for money falls into the category of pigs and grunts.

Don’t forget, this was a settlement offered by the defendants here. The insurers of the Luas companies and insurance companies generally have to take a lot of the blame for this kind of thing. They live and die by the numbers and risk metrics. They’re far too quick to pay out on claims, they just say fuck it, point to their potential liability if the claim went to trial and pass the cost on to customers in premiums.