Further Things That Are Wrong


Franno is a right aul wum. All Blacks match is the biggest and most anticipated event on the island this year he says.


No web summit this year so he is right. The presidential election turned into a damp squib and the Pope saw a very poor turnout.


When is this on?


Chicago thos weekend


What’s the point in going out to Chicago for a friendly against NZ again??


There are only 6 countries playing mate, repetition is unavoidable


They’re playing Italy in Chicago this time. Which makes as much sense as it sounds.


Bullshit, we just played them in the 5 nations


4 nations mate. UK, Ireland, Italy and Burkina Faso.






And South Africa


Right, my bad. Also Argentina are joining next year.


Niamh Horan: ‘How to flirt in #MeToo Christmas party season’


Ah here, between teachers being grassed up for shagging male students and now an instruction manual on how to get a possible shag, the place is fucked. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m only waiting for someone to report themselves for touching themselves up.


Imagine approaching some woman and asking “can i flirt with you?” They would piss themselves laughing and tell ya to fuck off ya werido.:joy:


God be with the day you could walk up, plant your hand on her arse and say “That’s good stock love”


Ya brave fucker. If ya did that in Dublin you would end getting a dig.


You never posted that before


I never posted that I’d posted it before.