Further Things That Are Wrong


It’s the M62 corridor lad.


Jaysus I hope not.


I’d take a better photo but I’m afraid to.


PS you’ve got the rest of the morning til I post it in the celebrity spotting thread.
His wife/gf has just sent him off to change the toddlers nappy.


Not a spot.


I’m talking proper legend here. He has Heathrow on his baggage tag, so I’m presuming he is flying back to Australia, where he is also a legend.


Still not a spot.


When you’re in charge, I’ll ask your opinion


Not an opinion or a spot.


What’s rugby league?


Ellery Hanley?




But for taxi drivers and the like?


Rugby without the pile-ups.


The only league legend is the guy that used to play out half for NSW. He had a brother who played too, both were also big into their pills


Junior B Rugby.


well there’s only 3 rugby league legends, its not chariots offiah or mal meninga so ill go for andy farrell


One of the burgess lads




glad it pissed you off